Mutant Mail has implemented Caching layer

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Mutant Mail has implemented Caching layer

As we are gaining more traction, it was about time we think of relieving stress on our database side.

However, introducing of caching layer also means there is a delay between when action is taken / change is made on customer side, and it being reflected.

For now, we have decided to use a short cache of only 3 minutes, that might we increased to upto 10 minutes in future.

We have also ensured our User Interface reflect the change done on UI immediately, but backend will take the cache duration time to reflect the change.

This ensures we have infra changes in place, in case a sudden spike in usage needs us to scale fast without stressing any of our component.

Like usual, there was no downtime required for this and should not impact users in any way.

Please drop us an email in case you see a difference in Interface behavior or changes not reflecting in UI immediately.