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This article guides you through the steps to automatically add signature to your email id. Every email id will have its own text and html version of signature.

This is a two-step process and takes less than 1 minute to finish.

Enable the feature in your settings

To add a signature to your email id, you need to enable it at your account level first.

Click on your username in the top right corner on Mutant Mail dashboard.

Choose the settings option from the menu.

Search for setting related to signature.

Choose Yes from the drop-down option.

Save it using the button.

Add a Signature to your email id

After you have enabled the signature under settings.

Go to your "Email IDS" tab on Mutant Mail dashboard.

Click on "Triple dot" menu next to the email id you want to have signature on.

Choose option "Signature" from the menu.

Enter the value for both Text and HTML version of your signature.

Click save button to save the changes.

Now whenever you will send/reply an email from your recipient inbox, Mutant Mail will automatically apply your signature to your email.

When is Text version of signature displayed?

Emails are sent in two formats, HTML (with graphics, design, layouts etc) and as plain text.

Text version of signature is shown when a plain text version of email is sent.

It's also applicable in case you send a HTML version of email, but your client's software can only read Text version of email.

When is HTML version of signature displayed?

HTML version of signature are displayed when you send/reply an email is an HTML.

It's the common type of email format in today's world. In nutshell, if you have a formatting in your email or have a image/video, it's HTML format.

HTML signature is used in HTML format on email.

What to do if your signatures are not getting embedded properly.

We have tested the signature system with major email providers already.

But since, there is no standard format or RFC standard for emails being quoted below your reply, it's possible a small subset of users might face problem.

It will vary based on your recipient email id, and/or the email client you use with recipient email id.

You can turn off the signature in settings, if this happens, download the email where signature did not work as expected in original entirely.

And send it as attachment to our support email id. We will analyse it and make required modification, if required in our signature module.