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This article guides you through the steps of how to clam down your inbox and prevent constant distractions.

Enable the feature in your settings

To enable this feature for your email id, you need to enable it at your account level first.

Choose the settings option from the sidebar/top menu in Mutant Mail dashboard.

Search for setting related to "Buffer".

Choose Yes from the drop-down option.

Save it using the button.

Choose the Buffer duration

You have option to get one consolidate email per hour, day or week.

To enable this on any Mutant Mail email address, go to "Email IDs" tab and choose the option from drop down menu for Buffer.

Mutant Mail will store the emails for said duration and send one consolidate email digest (with all emails within it) when duration threshold is reached.

That means one single consolidated email per hour, per day or per week.

Note: If you start the conversation (reply, receive) with any of the embedded mail. Buffer/Batch mode will be bypassed for that email thread.

To reply to any of the embedded email in email digest, just hit reply option within the email digest, and keep the subject intact. We will format everything correctly, when email will pass through our server.

In case you ever want to flush out all pending emails in buffer early, simply toggle the buffer option next to email id to off or lower value.