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These are the primary issues we have found, that has been preventing our customers from getting their domain added on Mutant Mail.

Check your DNS records are reflecting records given by Mutant Mail

As you are reading this knowledge base article, we assume, you have already added Mutant Mail's dns record in your DNS/Domain provider.

But let's make sure they are there, as it's the most common reason for DNS checks to fail on Mutant Mail.

To do this, go to Slim Domain , enter your domain name and hit "Query DNS".

Pay attention to "MX", "TXT", and "NS" values for the record.

MX and TXT values should reflect the DNS records provided in your Mutant Mail dashboard.

If the DNS records are not reflecting

In case the MX and TXT records are not reflecting the values you added in your Domain/DNS provider.

Please check the value for NS record (which means nameserver).

Often, people move their nameservers to either their hosting provider or to services like Cloudflare, which can be clearly seen in "NS" entry.

Remember : DNS records needs to be updated in panel, who's NS (nameserver) records are being used in your domain above.

So, in case you have changed your Nameserver for any purpose, adding DNS record at your domain registrar wouldn't have any effect.

Please add the record at your cPanel, Cloudflare, or any other panel you have moved the nameservers too.

If the DNS records are reflecting

In case the MX and TXT records are reflecting correctly.

Please go to MX toolbox and check MX records.

Ensure, the top two values in MX record are the two records from Mutant Mail. Also, ensure, the preference numerical value for them is different (like 0 and 1). Both MX record of our work in Primary, Secondary mode and hence, checks are performed for highest and second highest priority of MX record when adding domain on Mutant Mail dashboard.

Also, check, if you have not added a space before or after the values. Check for the additional space (should not be present) for TXT record of your domain as well.

If you have validated DNS records are correct and reflecting in above two services, and you have added DNS records within an hour. Please sit back and wait, or added the same DNS records to other domains you might want to on-board with Mutant Mail.

Our DNS catch expires every 15 minutes, and 90% of DNS propagation happens between 15 min to 2 hours. In rare case, specially if you are using an uncommon TLD, DNS propagation can take upto 24 hours.