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This article guides you through the steps of how to use SMTP for your domain.

SMTP is accessible only on Paid plans

Set a SMTP Password

Choose the settings option from the sidebar/top menu in Mutant Mail dashboard.

Search for setting related to "SMTP".

Set SMTP Password for your account.

Save it using the button.

DNS Record changes

As SMTP service is on a different server than our normal service, SPF record needs to be updated.

Please Edit SPF record in your dns as below.

Before : "v=spf1 mx ~all"

After : "v=spf1 mx ~all"

If you have a modified SPF record for your domain, remember to add the bold part.

Save it.

SMTP Credentials

SMTP Credentials are to be used as follows,

SMTP Username : Your Mutant Mail username SMTP Password : Password configured above

Note : You will only be allowed to send email that are for your verified domain on Mutant Mail Account

Reply has to be done only by your Control/Recipient id. There is no change in receive/reply flow. Access to SMTP was opened mainly for folks who are paying for email to use on their websites (like WordPress).