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This article guides you through step-by-step process of adding a new domain on Mutant Mail if you use Netlify as dns provider. This allows you to receive, reply and send all your domain emails through single inbox.

For this process you must be using Netlify as dns provider and using their nameservers.

Add your domain

Choose "My Domains" from the top navigation bar once you are logged into Mutant Mail dashboard.

Process starts with clicking on "Add Domain".

These are the records that need to be added on Netlify (or any other dns/domain provider you use).

Your domain added

In Netlify Panel

  1. Log in to your Netlify Domain Panel.

  2. Select your domain to go to the Domain Settings page.

  3. On the DNS Panel, click the dropdown and choose "Delete Record" for any existing MX records.

  4. Go to Add new record option.

  5. Start adding your records. (All records will be entered here)

  6. Host field, type and value (Points to) for the records being entered must match the records given above by Mutant Mail dashboard.

This is how added records look on Netlify.

Add your domain

After the records have been added to your domain/dns provider.

Type in your domain name in Mutant Mail dashboard.

Click on "Validate and Add Domain" as shown in the image above.

Ensure the success message as below and look for verified symbol/text next to your domain name.

Add your domain

Important: @ symbol means your domain name. If the control panel doesn't accept @ symbol type in complete domain name instead.

Note: These records only control email, and your website is not at all affected by these dns records.

The SPF record authorises the Mutant Mail server to send email on your behalf. The DMARC record informs cooperating mail servers what they should do with your email message if both SPF and DKIM checks fail.

The CNAME records point to MutantMail DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) keys.

Note: If you are adding a subdomain e.g. please change the host values to the following

For the MX record: from @ to mail

For the TXT SPF record: from @ to mail

For the CNAME record: from default._domainkey to default._domainkey.mail

For the TXT DMARC record: from _dmarc to _dmarc.mail

If you've added the records but it still isn't verifying please wait a little while, it is likely because the changes have not yet propagated.

You can check the records for your domain using

Please leave these records in place for the duration that you use the domain on MutantMail.

A daily check is carried out on the domain's records, if you remove any records then the domain will become unverified for sending. You will receive an email notification to let you know if your domain has become unverified for sending and which record has caused it to happen.

Note: DNS propagation takes from 15 min to 2 hours in general. However, 5% of the domains can take upto 24 hours for changes to reflect.