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This article tells you about what kind of data we store on MutantMail.

About your Data

As you might have already noticed, we are complete privacy focused.

And because of that, we have chosen minimalistic approach towards data.

We only store name, destination email id and bandwidth from point of your privacy.

Yes, that all we store.

We believe, to let experts of their field handle their data to keep the bar high.

As such we focus on email solution (being email experts) and have offloaded billing and payment data to our partners (like Stripe).

Only thing we store related to payment is date and transaction id to re-verify subscription.

All the data stored in your database is encrypted and cannot be accessed without our application.

The data, which are not required for us but need only for verification are one way hashed, so they can't be reverse engineered.

We have high bar for security and privacy. As such every industry standard protocol has been followed for privacy and security.

This is on top of minimal data that we collect.