Security and Privacy

At Mutant Mail, security of your account and privacy of your data is of paramount importance.

In fact, we have built the complete foundation of Mutant Mail on these principle. That's we are able to provide Industry grade top notch security and privacy.

Security - Account

At the Account level, we provide industry standard choice to use two factor authentication.

These TOTP authentication system works with any authenticator app you might already have out of box.

Just scan the QR code for two factor authentication system.

Security - Email ID

At the Email ID level, we only allow authorised email ids to control your domain's email id.

This is achieved by specifying your Control/Recipient/Destination Email ID in your Mutant Mail dashboard for routing.

If any un-authorized email id attempts to control your domain's email id, we just drop it.

Security - Domain

At the Domain level, we enforce the industry grade security.

This is achieved by enforcing dns records SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

As a result, we ensure no SMTP server can try to spoof or impersonate your email id from your domain.

Privacy - Encryption

Privacy is mainly achieved by encryption.

And guess what, we provide best encryption facility without any extra cost to you.

You can bring your own PGP and GPG keys, add it to your Mutant Mail account and system will start using it automatically.

Just remember to keep your private key secure, else you will completely loose access to encrypted emails.

With PGP encryption enabled, not even your recipient email id provider will be able to snoop into your emails.

And did we mention, we do not store, log your emails or contact emails?

Privacy - Others

For non email related privacy, we follow the minimalist approach towards data.

Only personal information you have with us is your name and email id.

And both of us can be modified anytime from your Mutant Mail dashboard.

And in case you decide to not have an account with us at all. We provide an option for that too.